Where have all the bloggers gone?

As I was setting up this new site I was looking through my old blogs and creating links to make it easier to keep track (for myself and others) and it seemed like that the activity on the MOM blogs has dropped off. 

While blogs seem to proliferate by the minute the number of MOM related blogs has not. Although there have been a few new additions (especially by Microsoft people), but in those that do blog about it there has not been much action. I’ll admit that mine has been free of content for a while but that was because I was off taking a well needed sabbatical. Surely not every MOM blogger is doing the same? 

Has everything that can be said, been said about MOM? I would not have thought so. Or is it just too hard to keep a blog going? I know when I started I was not to trying to do a daily post but to do a post that could add value. It is difficult writing these. I was never keen on a post that said “hey look at this great link” but with no info about what the link was all about or why I should be interested in following that link. I am a technical person not a journalist. But it has given me a new respect for journalists. That they can consistently turn out well written and interesting articles. And I always wanted to make sure my blog entries were accurate so I may have had to go away and test what I had written just to be sure. And that takes time. 

Or perhaps they are all on summer holidays? Or busy answering the forums to get an MVP. Or maybe they are just busy with work. I know that Justin Harter and Pete Zerger have put their efforts into MOMResources.org. A nice site but no RSS. The great thing about RSS is new stuff comes to me in one place and I don’t have to hop from site to site just to see if there is new stuff there. Perhaps Justin and Pete will enable RSS on the site. Although Pete does update his blog and gives updates about the site. 

Perhaps all the MOM bloggers are playing with MOM v3 or as it is officially known System Center Operations Manager 2007. Will that be SCOM or Ops Man or just
OM as that official title is too much. Or perhaps people will still call it MOM for years to come and annoy the marketing people who have spent ages and lots of money on the brand.



  1. Ian,

    Glad to see you are back! As for the vacuum in the MOM blogosphere, I have been wondering the same thing. I’ve been busy with the beta, but trying not to abandon the current platform, as we know the need for support and innovation will continue for some months after the release of Ops Mgr ’07.

    I am also painfully cognisant of the lack of feeds on the current momresources.org. I am working diligently on rolling the site to an updated platform to accomodate feeds (as well as OpsMgr ’07 content), which I expect will be rolling out sometime in August. The communities patience will be rewarded with a site with updates that are readily consumable through feeds, with a content pipeline filled by more SMEs from the community.

  2. and you misspelled my last name on your blogroll! You are so fired! 🙂

  3. Hey

    Nice looking site you got here, and looking forward to seeing some content along the road.
    As for mom blogs there’s not really much activity, much of it have moved over to forums.
    Now I don’t see that as a bad thing but you have to look hard to find all the gems hidden there.

    My own MOM blog is somewhat dead, the main reason for that is the focus area for our mom setup has moved from devolpment to general housekeeping.
    Most others would be in that situation after a while, but when something happens like upgrades and so on I tend to write a bit more about it than the everyday life with MOM which can be a bit boring 🙂


  4. Thanks Pete. I look forward to the updated site. It already has a lot of good info. And sorry for the name spell. It was a genuine mistake and not revenge for you spelling my name wrong on your site!

    Thanks Soren. I guess that there is a role for someone to take those gems out of the forums and move them to a blog or an FAQ like the one at momresources.org. Surely even in houskeeping mode there are things that you do that would be of use to others who are just getting going with MOM?

    I know the Product Group are quiet as the are all busy on MOM v3.


  5. Sure there are usefull stuff going on even in house keeping mode, for me tho it seems to be the collected knowlegde which can help others out, eg on the news groups and so on when people face a specific issue.

    And im not the best writer in the world so I keep the blogging on a low level 🙂
    I would be the suckiest journalist 😀


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