What is in a name?

Since Microsoft bought Operations Manager from NetIQ it has been know affectionately as MOM. With the next version being called System Center Operations Manager 2007 then the obvious short hand is to call it SCOM but that does not have the same ring to it as MOM does. While working with a Microsoft Technical Specialist I noticed that he went out of his way not to use SCOM as he did not like that acronym but instead referred to it as Ops Mngr or OM. 

As the new version comes out what will people start calling it? Will it be OM, Ops Mngr, Operations Manager or SCOM?  I don’t think many people will be saying the full name! I have generally called it SCOM although that does not sound great. I think that people will still refer to as MOM for a long time yet. MOM is a nice friendly sounding name.


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  1. In my presentations to customers I tend to use Operations Manager as an official reference. But in speaking to customers I still say MOM 2007. My 2 cents: I think you are right that we will be using the acronym MOM for a long time to come 🙂

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