HP StorageWorks MP – Avoid!

This must be the worst management pack for MOM 2005 that I have ever seen. I know Blake seemed to get it to work but in the short time I had with it I didn’t. Well maybe I did but I could not be sure. It felt like the MP was designed by someone who had just been given a 5 minute overview on MOM and had come from a UNIX background and that the person who wrote the technical documentation wanted to be a fictional author. What is so bad about it? For a start it does not use an attribute to determine where the StorageWork management server is but uses the search parameters – for all servers! Someone has not cleaned it up as there are two server names left in the include tab – presumably for testing – which Blake picked up on as well. And then it wants to run commands from the management server. And before you know it every server (as they are all in the group) is erroring with SNMP errors as by default that is not switched on in Windows servers. It runs a service on the management server that listens for XML on a certain port which means if you have multiple management servers it will not fail over. According to Blake HP are fixing that in the next version. 

You need to run a command on the StorageWorks server which sets it to send these XML strings for the service on the management server to pick up and turn into alerts. There is supposed to be a test file but the documentation did not match the names (and how to use it). On the web site the FAQ said another file name (which did not exist either) but at least it gave instructions on how to use this mythical file. The documentation said that logging was off by default and gave instructions on how to turn it on but it was already on. I have always felt that people who write documentation should give it to someone who has never performed that task and they can only watch and not interfere as they try and follow the instructions. That would at least show them obvious mistakes in the documentation. Why did they not use an attribute that put the StorageWorks server into a computer group? Then the program running on it (DESTA) could send events to the event log which a standard MOM rules could pick up, transport and use. I suspect it is to try and be “neutral” to management solutions. Or perhaps the server attached could be UNIX but in this environment it was Windows – I am not familiar enough with the StirageWorks range. Well the MP is just a big mess. Do not use it unless you are prepared to put in some work. A lot. 

This is all the more disappointing as the HP Proliant/Insight MP has been a stalwart of MOM since MOM 2000. What is more surprising is why Microsoft let this through onto the MP catalogue. Shame on both of you for this monstrosity. It is the sort of thing that can give MOM a bad name. Mmmh. Perhaps it was written by someone from the HPOV division!


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  1. Dan

    Hi Ian,

    I agree with your comments, it has taken me about two days to get the HP SW MP to correctly monitor an EVA and integrate with WEBES. The product is not cleanly finished with bits left over from development and missing functionality like the discover element you discuss. The worst thing though is the documentation with huge gaps and no overall HOW-TO guide, I find HP produce reams of documentation in numerous pdf files (with stupid names) many containing duplicate or contradictory information. Anyway, after all the hastle and feeling of walking in the dark I have finally managed to get this MP to do what I wanted which is alert when WEBES reports are generated.

    I also found Blakes blog (as mentioned above) which contains some good knowledge on this topic and other MOM related information.

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