SolarWinds Orion Integration with MOM

When I previously looked at integrating SolarWinds into MOM before then SNMP was the only way to do it. A customer asked about integration recently and I assumed it would still be SNMP but I came across this press release from May 2006 that says that there is integration between SolarWinds and MOM

On the SolarWinds web site it says:-

“With the latest release of Orion Network Performance Monitor, SolarWinds.Net customers can now integrate with MOM. The new integration features are available, at not cost, to SolarWinds.Net customers holding valid software maintenance agreements.”

Unfortunately I could not find any information on their site about how it integrates so I e-mailed the support team and received a reply that it uses the MCF. That is good news and should make it easier to get the information in. The connector is not listed on the MOM Product Connectors page though.



  1. Hi

    We tried the integration very briefly (10 minutes I think) basicly it uses the MCF and forwards alerts from Solarwinds into MOM using the Webservice in MOM.

    So you get your solarwinds displayed and recorded in MOM, not much you can do with them…

    Well since I only played with it so briefly you might be able to get some neat functionality out of it, but I didn’t look like anything we could use in our setup.


  2. I am working on this for a production scenario as well. will let you know what I see.

  3. SolarWinds just announced that we will be releasing a new management pack for SC Ops Manager 2007 that will have far more functionality than the old connector for MOM. Here is a link to the announcement.

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