SCOM 2007 RC1

As Vlad mentioned in his presentation MS released RC1 at the end of October and a number of bloggers immediately got the word out. On the other hand Microsoft took over a week to change the main MOM web page from talking about Beta 2 to RC1.

I downloaded it initially and tried to install it on a couple of VMs that were running MOM 2005 as I wanted to see about parallel installation. It failed. I should have read the documentation first as that is not functioning in this release. I should know better – RTFM.

The 18 page release notes document is filled with things that don’t work (with workarounds or not) and things that are not in this release. I was going to list them but it is too long. The standard from Microsoft is usually that release candidates are feature complete and are released for bug testing. This is obviously not feature complete according to the release notes (18 pages of them) so it should actually be called Beta 3. I have seen mention in the newsgroups about an RC2 release and Stefan has blogged from IT Forum that it is due in December. I hope that it is feature complete.

I did clear off MOM 2005 on those VMs and it installed fine and this time I even got Reporting to install which I had trouble with on Beta 2. I am still finding the new way of doing things confusing. I was wondering whether that is because I am so steeped in MOM 2005 that I am finding it hard to change or because the interface is not as good as 2005.

For instance I had an AD alert come up. In the Action pane it lists all the tasks for AD ond only AD and if you right click the alert you get the same actions (tasks) list. But no other tasks. If I go to the State view I get the Windows tasks but not the AD tasks. Even if I right click on the symbol in the AD column. This seems like a backward step. I want to see all relevant tasks. It may be possible to change this behaviour but I have not found out how to yet. To investigate I created a new task and assigned it to Windows 2003 servers and then I could not find it again! I did find the advanced search (Tools, Advanced Search, Tasks on the menu) and that found it. The filtering was on (by default) in the main view and it was hiding a lot of the tasks. But once found my task I could not change the task to another task target. And this is just one small area I am having a problem with. I am forecasting that SCOM 2007 training courses will be very popular!

However, I do like in the Computers (State) view that you have a column with the AD site. Very useful.


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