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After mentioning POS machines in my last post I received a link from a friend to a blog from the Windows XP Embedded team.


The gist of the blog is that there is a download for MOM 2005 SP1 that allows you to install the MOM pre-requisite macro component in your XP Embedded database which enables you to use a MOM agent on XP Embedded. This was released in September but there is no mention of it on the MOM web site that I can find and in fact they still say that it is not a supported configuration.

Supported Operating Systems at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/mom/mom2005/Library/acb14db1-a3b3-4e65-9aae-c025e4718cfa.mspx?mfr=true  

Table 3.2 Supported Operating Systems in Windows XP (Part 2)
Operating system Agent-managed computer (32-bit) Agent-managed computer (64-bit) Agentless managed computer View MOM reports (32-bit)
Windows XP Embedded (any release) No No No No

And searching around I found these PDFs from the embedded team that mention MOM 2005 managing Embedded XP.Windows Embedded PDF file mentions using MOM to service XP Embedded.


WEPOS PDF mentions support for MOM (May 2005)


It would be nice to get something official from the MOM team on this on the MOM web site. And also if this applies to SCOM as well.


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  1. Hi, it would appear the MOM 2005 SP1 documentation posted to msdn may have a typo in it that XPe is listed as not supported when it should be listed as supported for the agent install. Here’s the component created by the MOM team to enable installation and support of MOM 2005 SP1 on XP embedded:

    Also, here’s the MOM team blog on technet announcing this support:



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