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One of the issues I have is trying to find out which version of SQL is installed. Usually the client knows but getting the exact version and whether it is Standard or Enterprise version is trickier.

One of my pet peeves about most Microsoft software is the Help About screen. Sure it tells you what it is but sometimes it is the name and sometimes it is the version number. Why can’t all product groups put in both?

I was installing SQL 2005 so I thought I would look at what it was telling me as I installed the layers. Well Add/Remove Programs told me I had SQL Server 2005 installed but not which version. I am hoping that as it was Standard then the Enterprise version would say Enterprise but I have not checked that. After installing I went to Help About and it said it was 9.0.1399. Interestingly if I clicked on New Query in one of the boxes at the bottom it said 9.0 RTM. So it knows. Why can’t the Help About say:
     SQL Server 2005
     Standard (or Enterprise etc) Edition
     RTM (or No Service Pack)
Would that be so hard to do?

After installing SP1 it does not show up in the Add/Remove programs unless you tick the Show Updates box. In SQL Server Management Studio in the Help About it says 9.00.2047.00. Actually you don’t have to do that as it shops that number on the DB server that SSMS is pointing to. But that says 9.0.2047. Not consistent. With New Query it shows 9.0 SP1. At this stage I found the reports on the Summary tab that will give you most of the info. The Server Dashboard report shows the product version (but not that it is SP1) and that it is the Standard Edition. Another place to get the info but still not 100% what I am looking for.-

After that I did the post SP1 roll-up (KB 918222) which then took it to 9.00.2153. When doing New Query it still says 9.0 SP1. (Annoyingly this update has to be done in a number of installs and in the right order! Read the document first. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918222.)

A good web page on this is http://sqlserver2000.databases.aspfaq.com/how-do-i-know-which-version-of-sql-server-i-m-running.html which goes into a lot of detail to find out specific versions from 7.0 upwards.

A summary for 2005 can be found at http://www.aspfaq.com/sql2005/show.asp?id=20 but I should not need to look up a web site to find this information. This is the info from RTM onwards.


9.00.1500 HotFix described in the following KB articles: KB #910375
KB #910376
KB #910414
KB #910416
KB #910418
KB #910419
9.00.1502 HotFix described in KB #915793
9.00.1514 HotFix described in KB #912471
9.00.1518 HotFix described in the following KB articles: KB #912322
KB #912423
KB #912439
KB #912472
KB #913371
9.00.2029 SP1 Beta
9.00.2040 Service Pack 1 CTP (March 2006)
9.00.2047 Service Pack 1 See KB #913090 for a fix list.
9.00.2153 Cumulative HotFix available in the following KB article: KB #918222

In summary, the Server Dashboard report along with looking at this web site to correlate the number should give me all the information. But I still think that the Help About should have all that info.



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