DOS 4, Office 95 and SCOM 2007

DOS 4? Office 95? What are you talking about? Having installed SCOM 2007 RC2 (with a painful process to uninstall RC1 first) I was struck again, as although there is much of OM 07 that seems familiar to MOM 2005 users, there is a lot that is different. In talking with some other people that have been installing and using SCOM one thing is becoming clearer. This is a major rewrite and it is almost like having to learn a new product. But because it has familiarity with MOM 05 it tricks you into thinking you know what you are doing!

For those that remember DOS then you will know that DOS 3 was a solid if unspectacular version. It just got on and did the job. DOS 4 came along with the ability to manage larger hard disks and other things but it took up significantly more memory. Which was crucial in those days. We used to remove DOS 4 from new computers and install DOS 3.3 instead. It was worth it. With DOS 4 not doing well and DR DOS taking market share then Microsoft brought out DOS 5 – and it was very good.

Office was doing really well but was 16 bit. Office 95 was done as a fully 32 bit version to match Windows 95. In reality it was the old Office recompiled but had a few new features like the red and green squiggly underlines. It was not that popular as it did not offer much in the way of new features or performance and most people waited until Office 97 which was more polished and is in fact still in use for a large number of organisations today.

So what has this to do with SCOM 2007? Well to me this is an interim release with good ideas but not well executed along the lines of DOS 4 and Office 95. It has some neat features and I like the fact that they are looking at the infrastructure as a service and not just servers. But like DOS 4 it seems clumsy. It is now at RC2 and although a lot more is working now it is still not 100%. Which is worrying for RC2 and why was RC2 released so soon after RC1? I still think it is a great advancement but I think we will be seeing the “real SCOM” in the next version. Office 97 and DOS 5. They were great releases. I hope by the time SCOM 2007 is released they have polished it up. At the moment my expectations is that it won’t be.


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