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Since I looked the other day at the SCOM docs Microsoft has posted another doc. This is the SDK with samples. Thanks to Pete for pointing that one out.

Also Stefan mentioned about a draft security doc. This has been added to the RC2 doc package but can be downloaded separately. Thanks Stefan. Although it is a bit sneaky for MS to put it in there and not update the date or put it as a separate doc so it is visible.

It is good to have the start of a security doc as I have been trying to work it out. I did find that during install you need to create 4 accounts. And I did not get reporting to run correctly until I made the Data Reader Account a local admin.

So the SCOM downloads are:

Date Title Description
19/12/2006 OpsMgr 2007 RC2 – SDK docs and samples This package contains the OpsMgr 2007 RC2 SDK documentation chm. It also includes samples that show a number of scenarios around using the SDK apis to insert data into OpsMgr 2007 and also using the Operations Manager connector framework.
14/12/2006 Management Pack Building Resources for RC2 This package contains everything you will need to build a management pack on OpsMgr 2007 RC2.  It includes the following:
-Authoring guide (PDF)
-Sample MPs
-Application MPs (XML files)
-Schema XSD and MAML schema files
-Authoring Console
-System Management packs
13/12/2006 OpsMgr Management Pack Guides Management Packs have been updated for RC2.  As additional documentation for the MPs becomes available we will add it here.  This package contains two of our most popular – AD and Exchange guides.
12/12/2006 OpsMgr 2007 RC2 Software Operations Manager 2007 Release Candidate 2 software.  This package is a self-extracting ZIP file.  When running the EXE it will automatically launch the setup bootstrapper.  NOTE: be sure to read the all the materials in the RC2 Documentation package including the Release Notes to avoid the known issues with this release.
12/12/2006 OpsMgr 2007 RC2 Documentation This package contains information critical to the success of your testing and deploying the RC2 build of Operations Manager 2007.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this information to avoid known issues.  Specific documents included are:·  RelNotes: details on known issues with this specific release ·  RC2 Scenarios: step-by-step details on how to explore key features ·  Help File (CHM):  What’s new and help for Deploying, Security, etc… ·  Supported Configurations: Details on hardware/software requirements ·  RC1 Uninstall Steps: If you have RC1 installed -this is a must read to successfully deploy RC2 ·  Security Considerations (Beta): This pre-release document consolidates most of the security related content into one doc.
12/12/2006 ACS Audit Reports These reports apply to the Audit Collection Service that is part of OpsMgr 2007.  Reports include: Access Violation, Account Management, Forensic, Planning, Integrity and Usage perspectives.  Please refer to the RC2 Scenarios Document for instructions on how to import these reports.
12/12/2006 Exchange MP Configuration Wizard This archive contains the Exchange MP Configuration Wizard version 06.05.7828.0. This version of the Wizard adds support to detect the System Center Essentials/Operations Manager 2007 agent correctly.  This is in addition to detecting the MOM 2000 and MOM 2005 agent.
31/10/2006 RunAsExecutionSampleMP In the Scenario Doc, there is a reference in the Run As scenario to a sample MP.  This is the download it is referring to.

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  1. Unfortunately the link for Authoring guide does not exist no more!

    All I need is the MP schema XSD. Could you suggest where to look?


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