One Source for Management Packs, Please

We all know that there are links to all the Microsoft MPs and some third party (free and commercial) at the Catalog site.

While searching for information and reading blogs I keep on coming across MPs that have been released only to the vendor site or that someone has created for their organisation and so has posted “as is”. For instance Michel Kamp’s Blog ( has MPs for Oracle, Sophos, Security and a connector for Axios as well as the Mass Rule Editor. GotDotNet has some MPs and there are others. What there isn’t is a single place to find all these MPs or know that they even exist.

There are a few MOM community sites but the one I tend to use most is MOM Resources by Pete and Justin. They already have a Management Pack page but also reports, scripts and tools. Michael Müller also has a site with a beginning of a catalog. (

What I would like is a single place to go for all information on all MPs no matter where they are. Even if it is just a link to the site where the MP is. So does anyone want to onerous task of doing this? I would like to recommend MOM Resources as it is the nearest to it anyway. What do you say Pete and Justin?

Anyone who does an MP, script, tool or report can send it to Pete and Justin for hosting or send a link and description of the MP if they still want to host it on their site or blog. I would like to see a one stop shop for all things MOM.

By the way I try and keep my list of MOM bloggers up to date at the following page It probably needs a clean out as some people have dropped off blogging. But it least shows all the blogs I have come across that talk about MOM/SCOM. What I don’t have is a method of saying which ones are active and which ones are good.



  1. Ian,
    Great idea! But may I suggest to use a wiki for this? This way everyone can add where to find a MP. But maybe we should ask Pete or Justin if they could offer a wiki page on their (soon) to be released new website.

    Stefan Stranger

  2. New site is in the works with a target of around RTM. Finally put a budget to this and hired a professional web development company to address all the format suggestions so we can focus on content..

    You think a wiki for the MP catalog?

    If you all have some thoughts, get them to me quick as we’re in the design discussions now.


  3. Hi Pete,
    Can’t wait for your new website! I’m also testing wiki functionality on my weblog but it doesn’t work the way I want yet. You should have a look at Opsmgr2007 wiki of a friend of mine Maarten Goet.
    Just search my weblog for the correct url.

    Stefan Stranger

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