SCOM 2007 mini videos

There are some short videos showing some parts of SCOM 2007. This is a good way to get a quick look at the new application without having to install RC2.

Tom Keane, Lead Program Manager, does an overview of the new Operations Console. 3:30 minutes.

Using the Operations Console
Presenters: Tom Keane, Microsoft
The Using the Operations Console video provides an overview of each of the nodes in the Operations Manager console including the Monitoring, Authoring, Administration, Reporting and My Workspace nodes.

Tom also shows creating a monitor for the Telnet service. This is good as it shows how to create a rule (like MOM 2005) and also how to create a monitor for a service direct from the console without need a Resource Kit tool like MOM 2005. 3:30 minutes.

About Monitors
Presenters: Tom Keane, Microsoft
The About Monitors video demonstrates creating a simple service monitor in System Center Operations Manager 2007.

Justin Incarnato, “Community” Program Manager, shows how to create a monitor for a Line of Business web application that uses a back end database. In this demo the Pet Shop web application. Showing how SCOM is different from MOM in that it can monitor a distributed application as one icon that you can expand to find out the problem. 4:40 minutes.

Distributed Applications
Presenters: Justin Incarnato, Microsoft
The Distributed Application video demonstrates creating a distributed application model using the MS PetShop application as an example.

These are nice little videos that give you a taste of SCOM 2007 without having to watch a whole hour’s technet session. Very good. I am hoping they will do more.

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  1. Justin Incarnato

    Hello Ian, we have quite a few more for OM 2007 and 8 or so for SCE. Check back at the site today, as we have added a couple. We have some more coming by Monday that cover Diagnostics and Recoveries, Monitors, Rules, and Views.


  2. Hello again Ian, the final videos on OM 2007 are complete. We have 25 total covering a broad range of topics from configuring Active Directory Integration to Reporting.

    I also took your suggestion and added both Running Time (in minutes) and Date Posted to each of the video links.


  3. FFF



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