SCOM 2007 likes and dislikes

Having had a chance to use the RC2 product and read the documentation I have developed a number of likes and dislikes about SCOM 2007. I have also filed a few bugs as well. I did say that RC1 was more like a beta. On the beta newsgroups someone else commented that they thought RC2 was still like a beta. There is a big list of things to “fix” for release which they are hoping to have ready for the MMS in March.

Andrzej had some positive first impressions ( but he is Microsoft and so will be positive. But his next post showed some frustration at the lack of control via overrides.

Here are my likes and dislikes and some unsures. It would be interesting to see if there are other likes and dislikes or if you agree with mine.


· Separate Ops Manager event log.

· AD Site column in Computer View.

· New web console (OWA set a trend with what you can do with a web view).

· Improved security with the ability to lock down specifics.

· Integration with AD – for using groups, for locking down security and for agents to find nearest SCOM server.

· When you chose to import MPs it shows you if they are already imported if the version is the same (or higher I presume). It also shows an error if you chose to import part of an MP (i.e. one of the files) that has a dependency on another part. It is easy to remove an MP from the list or add one if needed. You can chose the properties on the Import window and see the MP dependencies.

· Health Explorer auto expands to show you what is causing the error or warning. (This is similar to how Application Center Health Monitor worked).

· The Overview toggle in the Diagram view is very handy for moving around a large diagram.

· Alert rule link is now back in the alert properties so you can open up that alert rule from the console (like MOM 2000). But as it is read only it has limited value as you need to use overrides.

· When you scope a view it provides a highlight bar at the top telling you the scope.

· Although I have not tested it I like the concept of managing devices.

· The ability to edit the XML of an MP directly could be useful. Or just to be able to view it. But sealed MPs (with .mp extension) can not be viewed with an XML editor.

· “Double Threshold” performance counter rule (actually called a Unit Monitor in 2007).

· Self tuning thresholds.

· Ability to simply create a rule for any Windows service.


· Alert Details – can not see a lot of info that is useful like repeat count, first and last alert time, alert latency etc. You can see repeat count if you right click and view Properties of if you personalise the view and add the columns (as well as others). But this was useful info in the alert that is now hidden. Also in MOM 2005 the tabs had ticks if there was Product Knowledge and Company Knowledge. This visual feedback is missing so you have to open it to see and it may be blank.

· I have alerts in the Alert View for AD problems but in the Computer View everything is green. In MOM 2005 you could see that the alerts were Inactive but can not see that in SCOM 2007. Having adding all the columns into the view there is nothing that helps me make that decision. (This was with the original AD MP so it may have changed).

· Edit Company Knowledge – you need to install Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime. And it is not included in the OM package. Once this is installed it then fails if Word is not installed. To edit Company Knowledge you need to right click and chose View or Edit the Settings of this Rule. You can not choose Properties and the Company Knowledge tab.

· Alert actions are context sensitive so an AD server shows AD tasks but does not show Windows tasks. No way to access all the other tasks.

· Add/Remove Programs – only shows SCOM 2007 and not what actual components were installed. i.e. DB or server or console etc. except agent.

· The MP is in multiple files and so you have to be sure to include all the bits when you import. But to be fair if you pick an MP that depends on the other components then it highlights that when you try and import the MP. But if you just add the library module it will import but you need the other bits to make it useful.

· Initial MP import points to SCOM directory rather than Management Pack directory. This is confusing as there are MPs in there but they have already been imported.

· Personalise View – can not make full screen or resize. The columns to display can not be resized so you keep needing to scroll back and forward to see the full name. Plus you have to click on a box twice to add a tick.

· Save diagram as JPEG but not Visio. Easier to edit a Visio diagram.

· AD diagrams do not appear to be as good as the MOM 2005 versions, especially connection objects. You get one view from the Distributed Application but 4 different views from the AD Monitoring node. The hover over gives a lot of details but then disappears after a few seconds with no way to change this behaviour. Although if you click on the object you get all the same information in the Detail View. So why bother with the hover over?

· Creating tasks is easy but you have to associate them with something and once I have created one it does not seem to show up unless I search for it. I am not sure if this is a bug, or because I am doing something wrong or it is just badly implemented.

· Shows if the OS is in Virtual Server environment but not for VMware ESX.


· SRS security gets taken over by SCOM roles. This is fine if you have a dedicated SCOM reporting server but not so good if you want the reporting to be part of a general reporting cluster. There is also the possibility that changes that the SQL team make with a service pack or hotfix could affect the SCOM security.

· When you chose a new view it opens a new window. After a while the console gets cluttered with windows. But it does mean that you can quickly go back to the main original view.

· Sealed management packs. I am sure that they are good for partners wanting to create MPs that people can not mess with, export and do other things with but it does make it harder to see what is going on.

· I have not had time to look at ACS and AEM (or whatever it will be called eventually).

So what things are your likes and dislikes about the new version?



  1. Dean

    Crap product, agents don’t install or just do not work, the GUI is ugly and the rules require way too much tuning.

    • Hi Dean,

      I have found that the agents install really easily and have done since MOM 2000. I agree that the rules can be intimidating at first but I would rather have it that way rather than start out blank and work out what I need to monitor like other products. If OpsMgr is so bad then you do not have to use it but configured correctly it is a great tool. So if OpsMgr is so bad then what would you recommend instead?


  2. Dean

    HP Openview

  3. Don

    Me i would recommand Sitescope.

  4. Elias


    I´m having an issue:

    If i edit an alert on the Company Knowledge other users cant see my comments and also if they made a change i cant see their comments, how can i fix this?




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