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MVP John Hann has a Technet article at (mentioned already by Pete and Stefan).

It is a good article (especially on the tuning of the AD MP) but here are a couple of comments. John mentions using the DNS, DHCP, FRS and Windows Base MPs to extend monitoring of your AD. He does not mention the Group Policy MP. Mind you it is not very extensive but it has shown me a major problem with AD GP with one customer. Another 2 MPs that help with AD are the DFS Service and the DFS Replication Service (Windows 2003 R2) MPs. Another is the Server Performance Advisor which is for IIS as well as AD. It is not so much a management pack as a diagnostic tool to help with AD problems. It can be run as a stand alone application similar to the Exchange BPA.

I talk to people about “Managing the Stack”. Usually it is around Exchange. The Exchange team think that all they have to do is use MOM to monitor Exchange but that relies on AD which relies on DNS and all rely on the OS and the hardware. So as part of monitoring AD I would include a hardware MP as well such as HP SIM or Dell OpenManage etc depending on hardware being used. And depending on the organisation I may also talk about extending the monitoring to the network with JalaSoft or eXcSoftware. Here is a slide I designed to show managing the stack.

MOM Manage The Stack

The other point is on FRS. John does mention that FRS relies mainly on Ultrasound and needs its own database. FRS will work on MSDE or SQL 2000. If you are using SQL 2005 though you can not run Ultrasound on that. If you need to do that you need to install SQL 2000 first, then Ultrasound and finally upgrade to SQL 2005. Workaround is mentioned at the bottom of the download page.

Be aware that parts of the AD MP rely on OOMADS.MSI. This is installed automatically on the management servers and agents unless you do a silent build using batch files as I found out recently. In which case remember to include the install of that msi as part of the batch files for management servers (site diagram does not show up) and agents on DCs.

@echo off
@echo ———————————-
@echo Installing MOM 2005 agent……
REM Installs a MOM 2005 agent
msiexec.exe /i MOMAgent.msi CONFIG_GROUP=”yourmg” MANAGEMENT_SERVER=yourserver AM_CONTROL=”Full” /qn /l MOMAgtInstall.log
REM installs as local system
REM use these parameters for domain account
@echo ————————————
REM – use the existence of sysvol to test for DC
if not exist %systemroot%\sysvol goto END
REM install oomads.msi for MOM agents on DCs
@echo Installing OOMADS
@echo Installation complete – check local MOMAgtInstall.log for errors

As always I would recommend people reading the AD MP Guide which has lots of good information. All the MP guides are located at



  1. That’s a good way to boil down the concept for the average admin. With v3, we really need to educate the community on the concept of a ‘service chain’ and identifying both the components and dependencies of a business critical service.

  2. I could only cover so much in that article….I don’t have much use for the GP MP, so that is why it was not mentioned.

    I should have mentioned OOMADS. It had been soo long since I configed a new DC to be monitored, I forgot that one.

    Thanks for the mention and discussion

  3. omkar umarani


    IS ultrasound work with scom 2007 or R2.Please repaly.

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