Micromuse Netcool connector

Netcool from Micromuse (recently bought by IBM) supplies a connector for MOM 2005. One customer uses Netcool as the manager of managers so we agreed to go along with that connector. Reading the PDF it looked pretty simple to install. But it did not work and worse there was nothing in the logs even though logging was set to verbose.

Well we plugged at it and got a Netcool specialist involved. One of the problems is that Netcool was written to be run on UNIX and the Windows version is just a port. From what I gather getting the connector to work with Netcool on UNIX is easier.

For a start the current version does not work on the Windows version. IBM have a new version but it is not GA (Generally Available) yet as they like to bundle updates on a regular basis rather as done like Microsoft do. You can get hold of it via IBM though if you need it until it is publicly released. This version uses the parameter IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication) which you need for it to work in a Windows environment.

We installed it on the MOM management server. You need the MCF and web console installed and Java 1.5. Although it utilises MCF it does not use it directly like a standard connector would. We found that we needed to set access rights for c:\windows\temp and as well as user needing to be a member of the MOM User group it needs to be added to the COM+ role EEASYSTEM.

The Netcool software was installed and the MOM.prop file was edited. Be careful with this as the file is sensitive to extra spaces and tabs need to be in the correct place. It creates a 241 level called Netcool and you can use the AKM file provided to test an event going to Netcool (event 600) or make live the alert rule although I would do some serious filtering and the some restrictions on that rule before sending all to Netcool.

Having done all that and more we are going to set up a new test environment and check it all again and document everything. But after I come back from my skiing holiday!

So the MOM 2005 SP1 Netcool connector works but you need more than just the documentation supplied.  Also if you want to set the logging to verbsose there are a few environment variables that need to be added to Windows.


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  1. CitrixDude

    I had similar experience trying to get the NetCool connector to work, but our connector was on a UNIX back end. Unfortunately we could never get a NetCool Support professional on the phone to clear up what or how to do anything. It was the saddest support experience I’ve ever encountered. I’ll be trying to it up again in the near future, maybe the third time will work.

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