Post holiday catch up and RC2 bugs

I am back from my skiing holiday and catching up on all the news. Pete has also been away but in sunnier climes (I went to the Mayan Mexico area a couple of years ago – great place) and mentions a System Center roadmap on the Techlog site.

System Center Reporting Manager is missing but as Daniel points out it will be incorporated as part of Service Desk product.

(He mentions that it no longer features on the System Center web site although you can still access the SCRM site at

Seems to be an issue with the certificate part of SCOM 2007 Gateway server as discussed by Stefan and Techlog.

It is a good idea as with 2005 you could have all your servers in AD and have mutual authentication on but if one server was not in the forest (e.g. DMZ servers) then all servers had to have mutual authentication switched off. The new Gateway server role helps with that but only if it makes dealing with certificates easy. I did a 2 day PKI course in the days of Windows 2000 and PKI is not as easy as it should be.

Stefan also mentions where to get a copy of the Silect newsletter that has words of wisdom from 3 MVPs, as well as discovering Power Shell.

Technlog mentions a bug with recoding task sequences with RC2 that only affects servers east of GMT! Should be fixed in RTM.

Techlog also mentions an RC2 bug that won’t get fixed. The web link in an e-mail is incomplete but they show you how to fix it.

I also submitted a few bugs for RC2

Shows that agent is running on a Microsoft Virtual Server/PC but not VMWare

“This would be due to the fact that we have an object discovery for Virtual Machine in the Windows Core Library that looks for VM attributes based on Virtual PC/Virtual Server, not VMWare machines. We will probably have to look at updating this rule to allow for other types of virtualization. In the meantime, you should be able to create an attribute that looks for attributes unique to VMWare, then you can use that attribute in creating discoveries, groups, monitors, views and other objects.”

Reporting fails to install even though the pre req checker passes if SRS is installed but Report Manager Virtual Directory is not installed. Difficult to install SRS without the RM VD unless you use an automated SQL script where that bit can be excluded as I found out.

“We should have a note in the deployment guide referring to the configuration of SQL Reporting Services before attempting to install reporting. The Pre-Req checker will verify the existance of SRS, but we are unable to verify every possible configuration prior to installation. This is a good point to include, however, and should be included in the final documentation.”

And I put a bug report in for the 2048 MB needed for console and was told it was by design! Microsoft must have shares in memory firms as Vista ups the memory requirement from XP anyway.

Looks like the product group are trying to close off as many non critical bugs as they can. That lets them focus on critical (show stoppers) bugs.


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