Slow Console

I installed MOM 2005 in a system test area for a project I am working on but the console was incredibly slow. My initial thoughts was that it may be down to the virtual environment as there were a lot of guests on each machine, But investigations showed that was OK.

Doing nslookup showed that there was a name problem. When I pinged a server it took a long time to reply but the ping response was fast. As soon as I put in the fully qualified name it responded immediately. Looking at the DNS entries showed that there were a lot of DNS suffixes that did not exist that had been appended. It transpires that they wanted to make the system test area similar to production so had imported all the group policies, But there was one policy that appended 9 different DNS suffixes. So every time the console went to the database server it did a name resolution (obviously using the Netbios name) and it had to try 9 different domains that did not exist before it could get to the real one.

Moral of the story is that you need to make sure your DNS name resolution is up to scratch when using MOM. And MOM did not pick it up as a problem as Group Policy was working correctly and doing what it was told to do. Sometimes you need some human brain power as well as the technology.


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