Sample MOM 2005 book chapters

One of the few books that covers MOM from intermediate onwards and does not start with beginners is “Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Field Guide” by Andy Dominey and Garry Meaburn (both from the UK).

If you are not sure about buying the book you can get some samples as PDFs from the web site to see if you like it before you buy.

There is “Management Pack Installation and Configuration” (Chapter 3) including a nice bit about creating SNMP rules and “Active Directory Security Management Pack” (Appendix C) showing how to create an MP for AD security. You can also download the table of contents and a file with scripts used as samples in the book that you can modify and use.

Have a look at the sample chapters. You may be tempted to buy the book which can also be bought as an e-book for $20 US. And no I don’t get any commission out of this but I do know Andy and Garry.


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  1. Garry Meaburn

    Thanks Ian.

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