F5 and Trend Micro OM News

Trend Micro have stated in a press release that the new version of their product Trend Micro™ ScanMail™ for Microsoft™ Exchange, version 8.0 will work with MOM. This is due for release in April.


“The new version also integrates with Microsoft Operations Manager (MoM) and Microsoft Outlook junkmail folder for even easier management and administration.”

It does not say whether that will be an MP or if by integration they mean their tool will feed into MOM. And it is worrying that they use MoM instead of MOM as MOM has been used for at least the last 5 years as the acronym for Microsoft Operations Manager.

In another press release F5 are licensing SCOM 2007 as part of their management tools.


Bernardo (Jalasoft) had already picked up on this.

F5 already had a solution for MOM 2005 – integration with it’s iControl product via SOAP.

But this time they are doing an OEM deal for SCOM 2007. It will be interesting to see what their ControlPoint product will look like. Whether they will put an interface on top of SCOM or just an integration layer like they did for 2005.

It is nice to see these suppliers getting onto the Operations Manager platform – especially for 2007.


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