1E Birthday Party

The 1E party at MMS is getting to be legendary. This year is their 10th birthday so it was a BIG party with a few hundred people attending. I remember the first one I went to at Las Vegas 4 years ago and there was only about 30 people there. How it has grown. And 1E. I wish them all the best for the next 10 years.

Michelle and Sumir and 10th Birthday cake

Michelle and Sumir (CEO) with the birthday cake. (Notice how Sumir is having to hang on to the table!)


The 1E logo on the building.

In case you don’t know 1E specialise in SMS and MOM (and now System Center) and have done add-ons such as Wake on Lan, Night Watchman (switches PCs off safely to save power) and Nomad Branch Office amongst others. www.1e.com

PS I seem to be in social blogging mode as everyone else is blogging about all the announcements. I will get back to the technical stuff soon.


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