Scripting, PowerShell and PowerGUI

First there was batch files then there were scripts and now there is PowerShell.

I had a comment from Dmitry ( who asks about MOM bloggers and PowerShell as there does not seem to be many.

Well there are more Exchange installations out there and it has been going longer than MOM and SCOM, which does use PowerShell and has just recently been released. Personally I do not get too involved in scripts and PowerShell as I am mostly involved in the analysis, design and implementation of MOM/SCOM systems. The use of PowerShell will be for admins who want to automate repetitive tasks. I am never usually at a site long enough to get to that repetitive state. Also I don’t want to be a Unix admin!

Dmitry did point out – which he was involved in. This add a GUI to a command line which is supposed to replace a GUI! Mind boggling. I went to the Quest stand yesterday and had a look. It is fabulous. You have a nice front end which creates the queries and formats the output in a nice manner. You can then look at the other window and see what PowerShell command was used so you can cut and paste it for future use. Highly recommended – especially as it is free!

Stefan was also impressed with the product.

I have seen some bits from Stefan, Pete and others on PowerShell and has a PowerShell section as well as a script area but for people interested in PowerShell here are some good places to start.

Dmitry’s Power Blog –
The PowerShell Guy – (links to other blogs on his page)
PowerShell team –
System Center Operations Manager Command Shell -  
MOM Resources –
Stefan Stranger posts
The Script Center Script Repository: Sample Windows PowerShell Scripts –
Scripting with Windows PowerShell –
PowerShell home –
The PowerShell Information Centre –
Channel 9 Wiki PowerShell quick start –

PowerShell Newsgroup for Operations Manager – microsoft.public.opsmgr.powershell

And not forgetting scripts

Scripting for MOM –
Script Center –
Gerald Mims (originally on GotDotNet) –
MOM Resources –

And there is more but a lot of these have links that can lead you to other areas of interest. And I haven’t even mention WMI or the fact that you can download Services for Unix and run Perl scripts on Windows.

Looks like scripting may be fashionable again.


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  1. dmitrysotnikov

    Great post Ian with a lot of useful references! If you check out Library at there actually is a PowerPack Deuce created for MOM. I saw it this week and it was really cool. I owe you a blog post with the screenshots (I guess once I am back in the office next week…)


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