MP Conversion

Having installed the RTM version of SCOM in the system testing area and checked that the agents work happily with the MOM 2005 agents I wanted to install the same management packs that I have on MOM 2005 to see how the alerting compares.

I took a selection of the older MPs that do not yet have equivalents for 2007 and used the MP2XML tool in the MOM 2005 Resource Kit to covert them to XML. However OM 2007 would not import them as the XML was not correct.
[Update 11/4: you need to run MPConvert.exe (in \SupportTools) on the XML file to create a new XML file which will import into 2007. ]

The second method was to use the version with 2007. Run setupom.exe and then chose “Install MOM 2005 to OpsMgr 2007 Migration Tool”. This needs the MOM 2005 console installed on the same server as SCOM for it to install and this needs a MOM 2005 management group to enable setup to complete. Under the SCOM 2007 program group there is a new icon called Migration Tool. This gives you two methods. To migrate the MP from an active MOM 2005 management group or convert from a file. In either option the tool will do the import for you as well or save to a file.

I tried the first method and after inputting the name of the MOM 2005 server I received a list of all the management packs as well as the option to migrate the Managed Computers. A lot nicer than having to create a batch file to use the MP2XML tool. Once you chose the MPs you want, it exports them initially as AKM and then converts and finally imports with a nice details pane to show you what is happening.

I started with the Group Policy MP (GPMP.AKM) and that converted smoothly. When looking through what had been done it created a MP called Microsoft_Windows_Group_Policy (Converted), although this name can be changed, targeted at MOM 2005 Backward Compatible Windows Computer with a version number of Interestingly it created dependencies with seven other MPs. As it is converted it is not a sealed MP. Unfortunately it called the Discovered Type “Group” instead of “Group Policy”. A Monitor called Group was also created but only the template was there.

I then went on to convert 6 more with tasks as well to see how those converted. Again the conversion went well with names similar to the above created and targeted at MOM 2005 Backward Compatible Windows Computer. These MPs had tasks and what I found was all task now reside in Windows Computers Task so you get a big list that includes the original tasks but now I have all the tasks from SMS 2003, DHCP, DNS and DFS that I imported in. This makes the list unwieldy and there are no views where you get the filter for these tasks unlike AD or SQL Databases for example. I need to do a bit of investigation so see what can be done.

I did have a chat with one of the Program Managers at MMS about tasks. While I like the fact that the main relevant tasks are showing I would like the ability to see all tasks as well. If I am doing AD I only see AD tasks. If I want to ping or remote desktop I have to switch to another view to bring that task up. It would be good if there was an All Tasks at the bottom of the specialised tasks that took you to an explorer view of tasks much like 2005. That way you could have the best of both worlds.

All in all it is an easy way to get those custom MPs and older MPs that have not been updated for SCOM yet into SCOM but watch out for the tasks!


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