Maintenance Mode

One of the popular questions for 2005 was putting agents into maintenance mode and it is still popular with 2007.


“Neale has addressed the challenge of putting groups of agent-managed nodes into maintenance mode via a PowerShell script, which could easily be run as a scheduled task”

There are 2 scripts – one for agents and one for groups along with a PDF explaining the scripts. These are complex looking scripts so thanks to Neale for coming up with them. A good way to learn about PowerShell especially as it is documented.

This is really useful but I generally do not like just copying other posts as I assume that if you are interested in what I post on you will also be subscribed to the other blogs in this area. I keep a list of those bloggers in one of my pages ( so new people that find this blog can quickly add the rest. But is this true? If you read this blog do you read all the other MOM/SCOM/System Center blogs as well?


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  1. Ian,

    Your are right 😉 If you read this blog you would also read the other MOM/SCOM/System Center blogs. An easy way to stay on top of all the info about System Center is documented on the Operations Manager blog by Kerrie Meyler and Cameron Fuller.

    “…With the sheer variety of sources available providing information on OpsMgr 2007, it becomes difficult to keep current with this product, as it continually evolves. Trying to keep up with the number of sources for information on this has become very complex! After working on this for a week or so, the approach outlined below has helped incredibly in keeping up with what’s going on out there.

    The goal: to develop a single searchable solution that provides all information we have already compiled on OpsMgr as well as the best of the Internet-based resources that were available”…”

    Go and have a look at:!3D3B8489FCAA9B51!151.entry

    Stefan Stranger

    Trying not to publish to much the same info as you 😉

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