Green Bar Watcher

Are you a green bar watcher?

I was talking to a friend the other day and mentioned that I have gotten used to looking down at the right hand corner of the console to watch the green bar as this means the screen I have selected is still loading. He laughed as he said he did the same.

So how many of you are green bar watchers?



  1. Me too!

  2. Always!!

  3. Steve Burkett

    I’ve got my database located at the other end of a slow link, so thought that was the reason for me being a Green Bar Watcher. But evidently there are more of you out there!

  4. Green Bar wather here.

  5. phil evans

    This is not good. I thus coin the term ‘GBH’ – Green Bar Hell!! I’ve got all components running on a dedicated server with 2GB of RAM and it takes SCOM nearly 2 minutes to create a rule (in which time, I’ve got GBH.). What’s the general feedback on performance? I think it sucks!

  6. Count me in. We have our database on SQL 2005 on a 64-bit quad core server with 32gig of RAM and I am still watching the green bar!


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