MMS UK 2007

I went to the MMS UK event today at TVP in Reading. I wanted to get a heads up on some of the other stuff as I had spent most of the MMS in San Diego doing the OpsMgr 2007 stream. And bizarrely it was warmer in Reading than it was in San Diego.

Morning session was all keynotes from Eric Berg covering the System Center family with demos courtesy of Jeff Wettlaufer and a session on Microsoft’s Infrastructure Optimisation from Garry Corcoran. This is based on work done with Gartner but Professor Jeanne Ross at MIT has been working in this area as well and here is a slide deck presented at a CIO Summit if you are interested in that type of thing (which I am).

The afternoon was interesting as they had 4 time slots but had 3 different sessions you could go to. So there was a choice about what you could see and it felt a bit like a bigger event because of that. Also the sessions were only 45 mins which was good as the presenters had to keep sharp.

They also covered some Forefront stuff as security and management go together. (SMS and patch management. OpsMgr 2007 and Audit Collection Service etc.) What was a surprise is that the Forefront Client Security product (MS anti virus and anti spyware) actually uses a special version of MOM 2005 SP1 as the “management engine” behind it. Well along with WSUS. You get a special version of MOM 2005 that is dedicated to this as the schemas on the databases have been changed. Because of this limitation of only being used for this one thing it can cope with 10,000 clients. You can not use this version of MOM for any other monitoring because of the license. Although none of this seems to be mentioned on the web site. on the TechNet version of the site there is a deployment guide and also a Virtual Lab with MOM 2005 and the Forefront Client Security packages. Guess I can’t hang up my MOM 2005 skills yet!

Another point that I had missed previously was the licensing on SC VMM. It appears you will notbe able to buy it as a separate licence. You will need to buy an Enterprise SML (Server Management License) which includes OpsMgr, Configuration Manager and Data Protection Manager. I think that is a bizarre decision.

I also stopped on for a meeting of the Windows Management User Group. They were looking on feedback on the site plus are looking to hold meetings on a regular basis in Reading and London. If you are interested in have a look at the web site where they will post dates. But there are blogs and forums there as well. Have a look at


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