Events Show Updated MP Received

How can I tell if changes I have made to an MP have been received by an agent?

You could use the resultant set of rules view as described by Pete Zerger at Rory McCaw has done a 10 minute video of it at!2C4CD58BB2826E21!2969.entry.

But if you just need a quick confirmation, e.g. you are doing a test,  then look at the Operations Manager event log at the agent. You should see event 1200 which shows that the agent knows that an update is needed followed by event 1201 which shows that the MP has been received. In the event description it will tell you the MP name and version number. This is followed by event 1210 saying that “New configuration has become active” and the name of the Management Group. Useful if you have multiple management groups. That way you know the changes that you have made in the MP have been recieved and are running.

One thing I have noticed if that you make changes to a rule/monitor or add new rules and monitors to an MP (unsealed as those are the only ones you can change) it does not affect the version number of the MP. To change that you need to go to Administration, Management Packs and right click on the MP and chose properties and then you can update the version number. I suppose that each organisation will need to work out a change control procedure on changing rules and monitors and what changes will trigger the MP being incremented.


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