Database Size Estimation

Kerrie and Cameron have done some good investigative work and come up with a good rule of thumb for sizing up the three SCOM 2007 databases. Much easier to use than to try and put all the info into System Center Capacity Manager. You get three tables with number of agents v grooming interval (or retention period) and a figure in MB.!3D3B8489FCAA9B51!171.entry

My only suggestion would be to show the results in GB. Mind you as they have given you the formula it only takes minutes to recreate it in Excel. Put in numbers along the top for agents and grooming days down the rows. Have 3 cells with 5 for the MB/day (so you can change it) [K2 in my formula], 510 for their base figure [K5] and 1024 to convert to GB (I am a purist – you could use 1000) [K6]. The formula for the cell is =+(($A3*B$2*$K$2)+$K$5)/$K$6 where the first cell of the table is B3. Then paste that into all the other cells

Remember to take into account the log file and also if you take database backups. I have had that problem where the database team at one company forgot to tell me that they automatically take a back up each night onto the same server and keep three backups. Soon ran out of disk space. Luckily it was a pilot running as a virtual machine.

Good work guys.



  1. Thanis, Ian! We actually do have a spreadsheet for this – it is part of the content for our forthcoming book – Microsoft System Center Operations Mangaer 2007 Unleashed.



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