Engyro Connectors

Techlog had a conversation with Eric Berg and he said that the reason they bought Engyro was due to the connectors. Not only for SCOM but for Service Manager. So my educated guess was pretty good. To get Service Desk into organizations that have invested in products like Remedy and Peregrine then a good bidirectional connector is a must.

I was a bit concerned about the comment about dropping the non Windows agents, especially as the Product Group had made a commitment to more heterogeneous monitoring. Which means that they have something up their sleeve already. I guess we will just have to wait and see what they announce on this front. Although Bernardo from Jalasoft left a comment pointing at this announcement.


Jalasoft is becoming the sole provider of a product portfolio which enables its customers to monitor the widest range of heterogeneous devices for System Center Operations Manager.”

“… and will shortly make important announcements about its Smart Management Pack Generator product.”


I did see Jalasoft demo their new product for 2007 at the MMS and was very impressed with the improvements that they had made over the 2005 product. Interesting times ahead.


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