Not Everyone likes SCE

I posted a while back that I liked System Center Essentials (SCE) and Pete and Bjorn have also been complimentary about it. There is a good article on on when you should use SCE and when you should consider SCOM, WSUS and SMS. However we do tend to blog about MOM and SCOM mainly. So it was interesting to read a perspective from an SMS expert.  Garth is less complimentary about SCE.

I think he has missed it a bit – it is not MOM Lite nor AD application deployment but as an SMS expert he is used to the total control that a product like SMS can give him. It is for companies with less than 30 servers and 500 PCs. I could not imagine a small organization trying to run SMS for about 50 PCs but I could imagine them using SCE.



  1. I think some other people missed it a little. They should start with intros like

  2. Allen Fischer

    We have had SCE for about 6 months now. Can not figure out how to get it to work. There is no training for it. Forums really not that great. The initial website sounded like this was a great product and would do everything we needed in our small network. It didn’t say you needed to be a 10 year veteran of MOM to make it work.

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