MP Notify for 2007

With the current range of MPs and the upcoming list that Walter blogged about there was no mention of MP Notify. The MP Notifier MP for MOM 2005 generated an information alert when an updated management pack was released. So I wondered what had happened to. I was reading the MP guide and found the answer.

In “System Center Management Pack Guide for Operations Manager 2007” it mentions:-
“The Operations Manager Management Pack includes a rule, Check for Updated Management Packs, which checks whether an updated version of an installed Management Pack is available. The rule runs a script, Powershell.exe, which requires the action account on the Root Management Server to be a member of the Operations Manager Administrators Group.”
“If you configured the action account by using Local System or a user that is not part of the Operations Manager Administrators Group, the script will not work.”

So the mystery is solved. Also a good reason to use a domain account as the root management server action account rather than Local System.

It is worth reading the whole MP guide as there are a number of configurations that can be done.


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