Agent Proxy

First there was the OpsMgr console GUI and it was bad. You can only set the agent proxy one server at a time! There was a wailing and gnashing of teeth. Especially from those people who had to do hundreds of AD and Exchange servers.

Then there was the PowerShell script. Crafted by a Redmond Program Manager and forged under the blinding white heat of the  And it helped. Greatly.

Along comes OpsMgr support guru Clive Eastwood with ProxyCFG.exe. Easier to use that the script if you could get around the arcane requirements of the parameters.

Finally we have Boris Yanushpolsky’s Proxy Setting tool. It is a GUI. It is simple. It shows you the groups, members and the state of the proxy settings. You can change the settings per server or multiple servers at once. The world sighed. All was good. The GUI was restored back to glory. Thank you Boris.

And to help Cameron has created a list of MPs that need the setting and those that don’t. Very handy.

But why is the OpsMgr Console so bad. The team knew that all AD and Exchange servers at a minimum needed this setting. Is Microsoft so enamored by UNIX scripting that they think everything should be done in PowerShell? PowerrShell is a useful tool to have and I am sure many people will benefit from it. But we are Windows administrators brought up on the GUI. Microsoft – don’t turn your back on us. We want a good GUI. And I hope SP1 delivers considering it is not getting released until Feb 08.

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