Exchange MP Request to Product Group

From the early days I have always though that the Exchange MP was a great example of using MOM to the full. They put in cluster awareness when MOM 2000 was not! They put in a lot of advanced features but unfortunately to get these features working you had to configure them.

In MOM 2000 you had to manually configure the registry settings. In 2005 they had the MP Wizard which helped a bit but was confusing and needed full Exchange and Domain rights to run it successfully. In SCOM 2007 you still need the wizard. And you can see the problems by the fact that Microsoft had to release a white paper with the top three issues.

With the 2007 MP as soon as you install the MP you still get alerts from the bits that need manual configuration just like previous versions. And the scripts to use are not as robust as they should be!

My recommendation to the product group is to split the MP into two parts. The bulk part which you can just import in and it just works without configuration. There are hundreds of rules that would work out of the box.

Then there would be a second MP which would contain all the bits that needs manual configuration or else it will create alerts. That way the bulk monitoring can be imported immediately and once settled in then the administrator can then decide when to install the advanced MP when they have time to configure it. That can’t be too hard can it?



  1. JesseH

    I absolutely agree w/ your recomendation of splitting the MP into two parts as a general rule. This would really help out w/ the SQL MP as well.

  2. I have not come across advanced configuration with the SQL MP that would warrant it to be split. It usually works out of the box without much configuration (except for the SQL 2000 roll up problem).

    Anything in particular you have in mind?


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