Faster Console

I heard from a couple of contacts within Microsoft that the SCOM 2007 SP1 console is much better. They are using the IDS build. A blog post from Satya Vel who is now in charge of performance and scale for OpsMgr compares the old and new to cars. While I understand how fast a BMW M3 is I have no idea what a Geo Metro is never mind how fast (or slow) it goes. Step in Wikipedia – This says it is 1.o litre engine that can do 0-60 in just over ten seconds. So slow then. But an M3 comparison sounds good. Looks like we can disband the green bar watcher’s club when SP1 arrives.

By the way Satya was talking about bandwidth utilisation. A good sign as usually the US ignores bandwidth as they have plenty of it but in Europe that is not always the case.

IDS information – the Product Groups use build numbers to show the incremental changes in code. Not all builds have the full code. The ones that are destined to become final builds are designated IDS for servers and IDW for workstations.


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