SCOM 2007 SP1 Cluster Configurations

 I was looking through the supported configuration document that came with the SP1 release candidate and it said this about clusters:-

The OpsMgr DB, the RMS and the Data Warehouse can all individually sit on a single Active Passive cluster but other server roles must not be installed on the cluster or nodes of the cluster.

This is disappointing as it means you still need a cluster for the database and another cluster for the RMS if you want full fault tolerance.

It then says that the OpsMge DB and the DW can be installed on an Active-Active cluster where they are installed on separate nodes. OK but that means that when one node of the cluster fails then both roles will be on one node which is then NOT a supported configuration.

The Product Group really need to get a grip on this one before SP1 is officially released. You should be able to run the database and the RMS on one cluster and they need to take out nonsense scenarios that anyone above 5 years old could spot are logically flawed.

The good news is that the ACS database can be clustered.



  1. Just an FYI….OpsMgr fully supports multi-node clusters, that is to say, at a bare minimum, you could go active / active, but as you correclty pointed out, should one node fail, the remaining node will have to handle both loads. I just finished deploying an A / A / A /P (Passive) SQL 2005 cluster. The three A (Active) nodes each host one of the three OpsMgr DBs (OperationsManager, OperationsManagerDW and OperationsManagerAC). Each node with its, own disk sub-systems. The cluster is lightening fast and failover is seemless. We have the option to add up to 4 more nodes (8) and can configure which node fails to which passive node.

  2. Walter,

    Yes your configuration will work BUT IT ISN’T supported by Microsoft! Even not with SP1. I’ve just had contact with the SCOM product team and the say that an A/A with RMS and the opsdb wil not be supported and the A/A/P wil also not be supported. And why ? the just haven’t tested it.


  3. DaveG

    We are looking at this also as we use 4 node clusters and want to have 2 x Ops db on one node (less than 500 agents), 1 x Ops db on another (2000 agents) and the DW on the 3rd with a passive.

    The only way round this now is for us to have 2 x clusters and no passive which is absolutely pointless.

    Why can’t Microsoft put something like this together and test? Not rocket science is it? Q. Is SQL supported on 4 node cluster A. Yes.

    Or is it you do not have faith in MSCS?

  4. DaveG

    The R2 design guide now does not state that this is only supported on a 2 node cluster.

    So maybe the product team took your queries into account and tested it.

    Whether that means SP1 supports it or not I am not sure, but you can always upgrade to R2 at a later dat e and then it would be supported (and better anyway).

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