I am looking forward to SCOM 2007 SP1 in 2008. I hope it fixes the problems and it would also be good to have more MPs and documentation please.

System Center Service Manager should also be available about May in time for the MMS but it has gone quiet on this front and I am not hopeful about an early release.

Also it would be nice to have a version of System Center Configuration Manager that has the data for SCOM 2007 as the product group have consistently been saying that this is the “official” tool to size up a SCOM deployment but it is over 8 months since SCOM was released we still don’t have it!

It will be an interesting year as there will be new versions of SQL Server and Windows Server as well as Visual Studio all due for release in Q1.

There will be a big scrabble for information so I hope the product group is preparing an FAQ as it is obvious what questions are going to be asked on the newsgroups.

Will MOM 2005/SCOM 2007 components run on Windows 2008/SQL 2008?

What will be the pros and cons of using SQL 2008 instead of SQL 2005?

Will there need to be any updates to the management servers or agents to run on Windows 2008? Will there be changes to the pre-requisites?

Will the same agent (2005 or 2007) run on Windows 2008 servers (32 and 64 bit). If not what needs to be done if the organistaion is running in a mixed environment with 2000, 2003 and 2008 servers? If there is an updated agent how will that affect my existing deployment?

And most importantly will there be management packs for Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 at RTM for MOM 2005 and SCOM 2007?

Please tell me that someone is working on this now!

And my predictions for 2008

Virtualisation in its many forms will become an increasingly important part of all organisations infrastructure.

More companies will deploy 64 bit systems in preparation for when there is no more 32 bit (Exchange 2007 is 64 bit only, SQL Server benefits from 64 bit and Windows 2008 will be the last Windows Server OS that can be purchased as 32 bit). I am not sure if you can buy 32 bit hardware these days.

OK the last 2 were pretty obvious but here is one that is a bit contentious.

Green issues will make a lot of noise but not materially affect things. Green is a business consumer issue and not an IT issue until the business says it is. And if you are not sure about that look at Hugh”s carton



Have a great 2008.


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