Xerox MP Repeat

Interesting that there have been 2 blog posts recently about this MP – one from Walter and one from Duncan saying that he saw it on Rod’s blog. I had already blogged about this MP in June last year. It would be nice if it was in the MP catalog. Failing that perhaps the boys can create a link for it as they have a category for MPs not in the catalogue.

This raises the question for me about the purpose of the blog. I tend not to post about subjects that other blogs have mentioned, unless I can add something useful, as I assume that the people reading this blog will also be reading a few other OpsMgr blogs. Maybe I am wrong. I also don’t like repeating myself as I feel that it is searchable once it is on the blog. Again maybe this is not so good for people new to the subject who are just finding out about this area and have just subscribed. But I think a combination of being busy and being lazy will keep the blog as is.



  1. Hi, Ian. I think you’re missing the community aspect a bit. Let me clarify… the more places something exists, the more chance of exposure it will get. It’s really not a duplication if you share by connecting each others blogs in this way. Despite being the place folks look for System Center stuff, having it in multiple places will allow more folks to be aware of it. Those that don’t read your blog regularly, may get the information from somewhere else and get then get exposure to your blog through it.

    BTW: How’s the SNAP previews working out for you? I’ve been tempted to try it — still have the code sitting on my desktop. I can’t tell if folks like it or get annoyed with it.

  2. Like Rod stated, its about getting information to the masses and realising that no one site has 100% market capture. So, while Rod and I may overlap with particular items we also have a genuine interest in just being sure the community is aware of such matters. Whether they see it on or or your blog, doesn’t really matter – just as long as they get it.

    Keep up the great work!


  1. Ian on the MP announcement repeat... - Rod Trent at
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