Full Circle

As Windows 2008 is due out soon I have been looking at some webcasts. I like the new management features like the single Server Manager which owes its existence to Small Business Server. I remember seeing the SBS interface ages ago and thought how good that would be for bigger organisations and Server Manager looks like it. Also being able to do remote management over HTTPS using WS-Management.

For years I remember admins asking for a smaller footprint server for specific tasks like they could do with Linux. The less bits that are installed the less code that may have bugs and needs patching. Server Core provides that and is quite neat. Although I can not help thinking that I have seen it before with NetWare 3! I am just waiting for someone to create a little program that run the “red snake” on Server Core and then it really will be full circle. Plus it would be very amusing for older admins who used to have NetWare 3 servers.

I have found a NetWare screen saver written for older versions of Windows. I must try them out and see how they run on 2008.

How to change screen saver in Server Core. http://blogs.dirteam.com/blogs/sanderberkouwer/archive/2007/08/14/changing-server-core-s-look-and-feel-part-2.aspx

The other thing that looks like full circle is the XML config files. They are used for IIS7. In the early days the configuration of Windows components was done with ini files before the registry came along. And like XML files ini files are just text files. Full circle again.

Or as the French would say “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” (roughly: “The more things change, the more it’s all the same.”). How true.


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  1. I wonder if the windows 2008 server will not contain as many flaws as windows vista did. Investing on new server software means a lot of money for the company and needs a lot of justification with the management. Our company is currently using the Linux as our server OS and I’m thinking if it will be a great move if we will shift to win server ’08. Please enlighten me on this. Thanks!

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