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The first exam for SCOM 2007 is available according to Pete and Walter and information can be found at The bottom of the page breaks down the major areas and the parts within those categories that will be examined. This looked very familiar as I was in Seattle last June as one of the guys who helped create those categories and points to be examined.

This was difficult for two reasons, The first being that it is a test designed for an administrator and assumes that SCOM has already been installed by someone else. Most of my work is going to organisations to design, deploy and tune so I don’t get too deep into the day to day work after that. The second was Microsoft’s requirements that as well as the install having been done anything that was a one off that the admin would read about and then do should not be included. That made it hard to come up with a list. The Microsoft person looking at it from an exam perspective was unclear why importing management packs would be in it as she said from the description we gave she could do it! And was probably right. But it fitted the remit that it should be about what 80% of the administrators do 80% of the time and I could not image an admin not importing a management pack.

I did think at the end with all that we had to leave out it made the exam easy (although at that stage I only saw the structure and not the questions – those would be created later in a different workshop). So anyone with good SCOM skills should have no problem with it. And Jeff shows the way by passing with 960.

There is not much official training out there yet but there are some on-line training modules that can be purchased, 5 modules for £26.29 (about $53) or all 5 for £105.16 ($210). Subscription is for 18 months. So if you like self learning then this may be a way for you to do it. Notice that they still refer to it as MOM. For each course there is a tab for content that details what each course covers.

Collection 3386: Implementing Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

In this online learning collection composed of five courses, you will learn how to deploy, secure, and use Operations Manager 2007 to identify, and resolve IT health issues that will result in improved efficiency in your environment. In the collection, you will configure and manage a MOM deployment that provides a distributed operations management solution. You will perform an installation according to specified configurations and prerequisites. You will also install and configure agents. Finally, you will plan and configure MOM for standard deployment scenarios.
To get the most out of this learning product, you should have:

  • 3+ years of experience managing and monitoring a Microsoft Windows-based network using any earlier version of MOM.
  • A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) on Windows Server 2003 credential or equivalent knowledge
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) or Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Course 3387: Deploying Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

Course 3388: Monitoring Enterprise Systems with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

Course 3389: Monitoring Exchange Server with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

Course 3390: Monitoring SQL Server and Distributed Applications with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

Course 3391: Monitoring Clients with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007


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