MP Assumptions

You would think that by now the major management packs from Microsoft would be settled, especially as many have them have been through a few updates over 6 years. It would be an assumption that many people installing MOM or SCOM for the first time would make – especially based on the marketing. But a number of posts recently made me think about how untrue that is.

Kerrie and Cameron post about how CPU % utilisation monitors don’t work as the Windows 2003 process class discovery is disabled by default. This is bizarre as every customer I have talked to wants to know about CPU utilisation. KB 948097.

Blake Mengotto, Discuss It Now mentions ongoing issues with the Exchange 2003 and 2007 MPs with MOM 2005. As this MP has been around for a long time and one of the major sellers of MOM and SCOM you would think it would be perfect by now. As anyone who has tried to use the wizard to do the advanced front end monitoring knows this is not so. And in 2007 the Exchange Back End server can not be detected as such if it is clustered. KB 948095. Worked OK in 2005.

Pete writes about how some baseline monitors in the Exchange MP are not appropriate.

Pontus Blomqvist mentions that the new SQL MP now has the SQL 2000 Blocking Analysis as active but alerting is disabled! You win some you lose some.

If you are using the console to keep track of alerts you could be in for a surprise as 2007 will groom alerts that are not resolved. See Pontus’s post. Also Kevin mentions that failed tasks are not groomed. And that in the OM MP the MP Notifier rule is not working.

If you think that MOM 2005 AD/DNS MP did things that 2007 does not do you would be right. Fortunately Matt has created an extended custom MP.

So basically you can not assume that any MP is 100% fault free. It would be nice to have full documentation by the MP creators of the FULL contents of their MP and not just an overview in the MP guides. I would like to see all rules/monitors listed and what they are trying to monitor and what assumptions have been made. Sure I can export the MP to XML and try and study it but I should not have to.


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