Well it is finally out and if you are using SP1 RC you can upgrade from that as well as the RTM version.

This is the SP1 upgrade package

Clive has a good post on the upgrade path as well as the order to do the parts and how to prepare the management group for the upgrade.

A long but detailed article that is essential reading if you are upgrading. Also check Kevin’s article as he found that the SDK account did not have enough rights.

If you want to try SCOM with SP1 the eval copy is here

It does not say how long the evaluation is valid for but it is possible to upgrade this to a full version.

Clive and Kevin mention that the SP1 is versioned at 06.0.6278.0000.

The documentation is still in the process of being updated. Some nice new features mentioned at Nexus are

What’s included in Service Pack 1?

Operations Manager 2007 SP1 addresses critical customer-initiated issues, including improved deployment, performance, reporting, and enhanced support. 

Highlighting some of the key new features and enhancements:

  1. New capability to export Operations Manager 2007 diagrams to Microsoft Visio VDX file format.
  2. New ability to publish reports to multiple locations, such as Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Web sites.
  3. Improved performance and reliability across the product, such as when working with alerts, overrides, and searches.
  4. Enhanced “advanced search” by improved the ability to search across monitors and rules by their overrides.
  5. Simplifying the creation of new management packs by allowing users to copy views from existing management packs to an unsealed management pack.
  6. New ability view performance data through the Operations Manager Web console, and setup filters for desired performance counters to ease searching and navigation.
  7. New discoveries and views added to the Audit Collection Services (ACS), along with new monitors and alerts to track the health of ACS collectors.
  8. Enhanced backup and recovery with the introduction of an easier-to-use Secure Storage Backup Wizard.

… and much, much more!!

Clive has a longer and more detail list at

Plus a list of SP1 fixes from Clive

But as Clive mentions support for Windows 2008 will be in the next 90 days.

Clive has been busy! Now it’s our turn.


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