SP1 RC to SP1 RTM Upgrade

My demo system consists of 2 Windows 2003 SP2 VMs with one being a DC and the other being an OpsMgr server with SQL 2005 SP2, the RMS role, web role, reporting role and a console.

The upgrade went smoothly and similar to Cameron’s (see his screen shots here). After doing the RMS upgrade I then did reporting and that went smoothly as well.

My RMS was up at 6278 and my DC was still 6246 and when I looked at the Pending view the server was listed. I right clicked and chose Approve and the agent was successfully updated. I did not run into the not in pending so do repair problem as mentioned by Clive but it is a small demo system.

I have noticed some funnies but as this system has been MOM then SCOM then SP1 RC, lots of MP updates and now SP1 it may have existed beforehand.

When installing the status screen mentions updating MPs. And when I looked at the list the core ones had been updated but not all.


I imported the latest ones from the extracted SP1 directory and brought them up to date but looking through I noticed an MP (Notifications Library) with a high number (6.0.9010).


May have been there before but I have not seen it. Not sure why it has such a high version number.

The other funny I saw with my SCOM system (which may have been there before) was that the server hits 100% utilisation for 5 to 6 seconds and does that every 50 seconds. The culprit is w3wp.exe used by the Data Reader account. There are a couple of KBs about this relating to IIS and OWA but fixed with SP2 which is installed. I restarted the OpsMgr server and the problem still occurs but at a lower frequency. I used the iisapp.vbs script and saw that only the web console and the report server web apps were running and it was the report server web app. But the server had just been rebooted with no activity going on. Is anyone else seeing this or is it just something weird with my demo VM?


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