Non Catalogue MPs

Although the best place to find new MPs is in the catalogue there are MPs done by vendors whose MP is only on their site and not in the catalogue. And there are a number of community MPs that people may find useful.

As WordPress has the ability to create additional pages beside my blog I have created a page dedicated to these MPs. Mainly because it makes my job easier to find them when I need them but if I find it useful I am sure others must as well. has a number of these but they are mixed in with other stuff and I am finding it difficult to find them quickly. (Need a facelift Pete – for the site I meant 🙂 )

I am focusing just on 2007 MPs and ones that are not mentioned in the catalogue. Drop me a line (ianblyth at gmail dot com) if there is one that you think should be on the list.


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  1. I hear ya! New community portal launches around MMS 2008!

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