Exchange MP Roadmap

From the newsgroup by Åke Pettersson [MSFT].

“Hello, I wanted to update you on the roadmap for the Exchange MPs on OpsMgr.

Exchange 2003
There is an updated Exchange MP on the OpsMgr SP1 CD. There will also be an updated MP guide to cover the fixes in this release. The MP and MP guide will be on the MP catalog, they are about to be released to the MP catalog.
There will be another update to the Exchange 2003 MP during March. We will update the MP guide with the fixlist for this and do a general overhaul of the MP guide to make it consistent with the MP.

Exchange 2007
There will be an update to this MP during Q2. It will be a converted MP focusing on high-priority improvements such as Exchange 2007 SP1 support. At a minimum we will also do release notes for this MP to cover the fixlist.”


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