Veritas Storage Foundation MP

Veritas Storage Foundation Version 5.0.1000.0

MP available at
MP Guide (69 page PDF) available at

Although this is a sealed 2007 MP it is pretty obvious that it has been converted from 2005. Reliance on Backward Compatability, lots of rules rather than monitors, the knowledge is still in MOM 2005 format and the guide still taks about the MOM 2005 alert levels rather than the 2007 ones. This is amusing as they say on the download page “Symantec does not recommend upgrading an existing SFW MOM pack with the Microsoft conversion feature.”
The MP page says it is for VSF v5.0 but when you read the guide it supports v4.3 as well.
“This version of the SFW Management Pack is supported on SFW 4.3.x, SFW 5.0, and later versions running on Windows Server 2003.”

The guide does do a good job of listing the rules, whether they are enabled or not and what level of alert they generate. I just wish more MP guides went into this level of detail.

Note that the 2005 MP for VSF v4.3 is in the catalogue but the link is broken.

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