Odd Agent Behaviour

At a few customer sites I have seen some odd issues with the agent. I thought I would write them up if anyone else has these problems.

Agent (SP1 RC) stops PowerTerm service

This is the first time I have ever seen a MOM or SCOM agent have this effect but when the agent is installed the PowerTerm Terminal Server Agent Service stops. No warnings or any clues in event log. Tested on a dev server as well and the behaviour is the same. The issue has been raised with Ericom. Did not have a chance to try it with the final SP1 agent.


This product seems to block scripts like McAfee but it is just a configuration issue that is need to allow scripts to run.

SP1 Agent problem with false directory

A very weird one. The agent installed OK but went grey and the inventory never got updated so you could not see the version number of the agent. There were WMI probe errors from the server and one about the event logs and all seem to indicate that it was a rights issue.

Module was unable to connect to namespace ‘\\FQDN\ROOT\CIMV2′ This has happened 1 times since this instance was loaded. HRESULT: 0x80070005 Details: Access is denied.

The Windows Event Log Provider was unable to open the Application event log on computer ‘fqdn.co.uk’ for reading. The provider will retry opening the log every 30 seconds. Most recent error details: Access is denied. One or more workflows were affected by this. Workflow name: many Instance name: many Instance ID: many Management group: SCOM2007

The OpsMgr event log was red with failed discoveries.

I restarted the service and reinstalled the agent with no success. But there was a DCOM error 10,000 after installation and looking through the system log this had happened a few times.  Also the local Exchange person said that they had tried to install a product onto it and had DCOM issues. Searching on this showed a problem with Terminal Services that needed a registry change. However when we actually logged into the server there was an error message saying that c:\program existed and it may affect c:\programs files. This was a zero bye file called program. When this was removed the agent started working correctly again. Weird.

Health Roll Up Shows Warning when all Unit Monitors are Green

This was with the SP1 agent. We found this post http://www.expta.com/2008/02/fix-for-scom-aggregate-health-state.html which showed that putting it into maintenance mode for 5 mins cleared it up. That worked but obviously not fixed in SP1. Consequently I saw Cameron’s post that says about using the Flush Health Service State task. Worth a try if I see it again.


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