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I am not against command line tools, scripts, shells etc. It is just that with a lot of the work I do I found the GUI easier as I tend to do one offs rather than lots of repeated actions. With the GUI you can flick up and down the menus until you find the right option. Rather than trying to remember the name of the command line and all the parameters. Although that has got easier with the Internet to do look ups.

First there was PowerGui for PowerShell making it easy to run PowerShell but with a GUI. Which is bizarre as PowerShell was meant to do away with the GUI. And now for Windows Server 2008 Core someone has come up with a little tool that gives you a GUI to configure Core. Marvelous. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Microsoft.

From Guy Teverovsky


Download from

More details and screenshots at



  1. The following video demonstrates CoreConfigurator in action:




  1. The things that are better left unspoken : My beef with CoreConfigurator
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