Additional Community MPs

I have come across some more MPs.

Raphael Burri (Zurich, Switzerland) monitors Swisscom’s MS-OS based installations including IPTV product Bluewin TV which is using Microsoft’s Mediaroom solution – hence the media services MP. 

Microsoft – Active Directory
OpsMgr ‘07
Custom AD topology discovery MP
enable multi forest discovery
Jan, 15 2008

Microsoft – Windows Media Services 9
OpsMgr ‘07
Windows Media Services MP
for Windows 2003 only
Mar, 18 2008

Microsoft – Windows Scheduled Task
OpsMgr ‘07
Windows Scheduled Task MP
Feb, 14 2008

Raphael says – “I just learnt that Maarten Goet of Inovativ has published a very similar management pack a few days ago. The main differences are that Maarten’s MP is introducing an additional object type ‘Scheduler’ (if I understand correctly those are essentially Windows computers with Scheduled Tasks configured) and that he’s decided to look at the ‘Last Run’ property instead of the ‘Next Run’. Also Maarten’s features cool icons for diagram views. It’ll be up to you to decide which one you find more helpful.”

Plus a MOM 2005 one from Raphael.

Microsoft – MOM 2005 DWH
MOM 2005
MOM Datawarehouse MP
keep track of DTS job duration
Jan, 9 2008


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