Win MMS Place

I saw it on the MyITForum and Scott mentions it here. You can put in $25 and win a free ticket to the conference as Secure Advantage has donated a ticket to MyITForum. Need to enter by this Friday – 18th.

Although Scott mentions it is for charity the actual money will go to Rod Trent’s beer fund.

“…the money goes toward improving and expanding the party!”

Rod, at least, does not mention charity in his post. If it was for a real charity I would be happy to put in $25 for a chance to win.



  1. “Rod Trent’s Beer Fund?”

    We put a popular party together at MMS for the System Center Community every year using money from the pockets of and the party sponsors. The donation goes to allowing more people to attend. While we do offer drinks (a pay bar, I might add) and food, it’s about the community getting together and having fun, putting faces with names, and renewing old friendships. The party has become a staple of MMS. The party cost us roughly $30,000 each year, and depending where MMS is located (i.e., San Diego or Vegas) we either get more or less for the money.

    In addition, I don’t drink and don’t believe in it — so the comment could be taken the wrong way.

  2. Hi Rod,

    sorry if that caused you offence. I associate you with MyITForum and Beer Fund as a generic term when running parties. My main beef was that Scott implied that the money would go to charity which is obviously not the case (I don’t think MyITForum constitutes a known charity) but you do not say that in your post.

    And as for parties I have always that that the 1E party at MMS was the best party.


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