Useful Lists

There is a lot of useful information about SCOM 2007 but it is scattered in white papers or various blogs. Luckily some of the bloggers have created lists which are useful.

List of hardware requirements – guide and spreadsheet by Sata Vel (DeploymentMan from the Product Group)

OpsMgr security account rights mapping – what accounts need what privileges? Spreadsheet by Kevin Holman (Microsoft)

What SQL maintenance should I perform on my OpsMgr databases? Kevin Holman

Useful Operations Manager 2007 SQL queries – Kevin Holman

List of Tools Available – Stefan Stranger (was MVP now Microsoft)
And one from Anders
List of Resource Kit Tools

All KB Articles

Notification properties – Clive Eastwood

Syslog Facility Names and Priorities – Clive Eastwood

System Center Operations Manager 2007 Training Videos
System Center Operations Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 Training Videos

MPs not in MP Catalogue
I started a page on my blog at
Pete at has produced one as well which looks neater and he is more likely to keep it up to date.

Collection of Maintenance Mode Scripts, Utilities and MPs for Opsmgr and Essentials 2007

And talking of – they have lots of lists:

I have also collated a list of SCOM bloggers which is in the process of being updated (renaming them based on the blog title and removing blogs that have not been updated for a while).

Tip – if you don’t want to add all the blogs to your RSS feed I would suggest the site rollup from as that covers a lot of what is happening and being released and Walter Chomack scans the blogs and copies posts so you have a single view of the main ones. Techlog blog does this to some extent with other technologies through in.

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