MMS Announcement Predictions

An interesting article that Techlog highlights mentions that Microsoft should buy companies to fill in the gaps in their heterogeneous monitoring to compete with the Big 4 (Tivoli, CA, HP and BMC). The article also mentions that perhaps there may be announcements at MMS. The trouble buying companies is integrating them. And there is the problem of them working – remember software metering in SMS v2? Worked OK on small numbers but could not scale to the numbers SMS dealt with. I remember Kirill Tartarinov saying that he was against buying companies based on his experience at BMC. But he has moved on so perhaps the strategy will change.

Well it is always fun to second guess the announcements. From last years MMS I would have expected the big announcement to be the RTM of System Center Service Manager but we know that is now delayed. SCOM has had SP1 delivered and SCCM has SP1 in RC form. But SP’s are not much to talk about. They could always talk about how they have renamed Business Desktop Deployment to Microsoft Deployment! That is sure to get a standing ovation. 🙂

I am hoping that they will announce the SCOM model for Capacity Planner as it is over a year now since SCOM was released and the “official” sizing tool is still not here even though SCCP RTMed at the beginning of February. And SCOM has had SP1 released.

So what is there left? Next versions of SCOM, SCCM and SCVMM? They are still a bit young to have new versions I would have thought. I will be interested to see what the big announcements are as I can not think of any although another SP or R2 release for SCOM to fix the remaining issues would get my vote. If they have decided to buy a company it will be interesting to see what that will bring and if it is as good as the purchase of SoftGrid which I thought was one of Microsoft’s best purchases.

What would you like to see announced next week?


  1. Hi Ian,

    From my reading through different blogs and sites it might be that msft announces either a small acquisition (not yahoo) or a partnership (like the one with EMC last MMS, probably an update on this too). On the other side I can guess that they might announce something to push their openness initiative in the system center field. Like you mention they really don’t have any big product announcements so we have to see some other type of news going on for this MMS.

  2. But don’t you think some vendors will be making some announcements? I know some vendors will announce some cool new System Center Solutions. Bernardo can you give us some info on what Jalasoft will announce? 😉

    Stefan Stranger

  3. On Bernardo’s request. I cannot say too much but we are presenting of course the new SMP for Nokia Firewalls and most likely we will announce a new very interesting management pack. Beside all that we are working on some improvements that many of the users will really like!! All are welcome to interogate me at the Jalasoft booth!

    See you at MMS2008

    Arnold Hagens
    Product Marketing Manager

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