DB Sizes from Operations Manager 2007 Performance and Scalability Guide

Pete mentioned that the new sizing and performance guide had some changes. One area I looked at was database size. I picked out these figures from the white paper and stuck them in a table to make it easier to see what was going on. The increases in size are linear with the number of agents.

Database Size Estimates

No of servers


Reporting DB

15 to 250

2.5 GB

160 GB

250 to 500

5 GB

320 GB

500 to 750

7.3 GB

480 GB

750 to 1000

9.8 GB

640 GB

1000 to 3000

30 GB

1.9 TB

3000 to 6000

58 GB

3.8 TB

I punched some numbers into the sizing spreadsheet (based on Kerrie and Cameron’s work) and the numbers are significantly higher. Here is the table using spreadsheet sizer:-

No of servers


Reporting DB


9 GB

293 GB


17 GB

586 GB


26 GB

679 GB


35 GB

1.1 TBB


103 GB

3.5 TB


205 GB

7.0 TB

Satya Vel posted a spreadsheet last year and using that it matches the figures in the white paper. But then again he was one of the primary reviewers for the paper. He does say in his post that the sizing is based on MSIT and a couple of TAP customers.

So which one do you choose? Well if you are conservative you will use the sizing spreadsheet even though the OpsMgr db is 3 to 4 times bigger and the DW about 2 times bigger. If you think that Satya has a significant sample then use that spreadsheet to save space – especially with the size of the reporting DB. I will continue to err on the side of caution until more information is available.



  1. Hi Ian,
    That’s a funny. I was contacting Kerrie yesterday with the same questions. This is here answer to why their figures differ from Satya’s.

    “Hi Stefan, yes we did look at that while we were working on the book. Satya came out with his several months after ours. We take a different approach – he is basking it on the number of events collected per day (ground up). Ours took a look at the growth of the databases over time, in multiple environments. More of a top-down approach. We also include a fudge factor ..

    our calculator has been verified in numerous installations, including some by MCS consultants. ”

    Stefan Stranger


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